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In June 2014  UNESCO's World Heritage Committee announced the new inscriptions for the World Heritage List. This year 26 new sites made it into the list, making the current number of World Heritage Sites 1007, with two sites delisted. To celebrate this year's event, we built this portal which anyone can use to quickly visualize facts and stats about UNESCO's World Heritage database. A few things you can do:

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World Heritage 2014 Additions

The following map shows the new 2014 entries in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Click here for the more than 1,600 total candidates that are still on their State's tentative list, waiting to become a UNESCO World Heritage.

Almost all of the new entries of 2014 are located in two UNESCO regions of Europe and North America, and Asia and the Pacific. Only one entry came from Africa, two from Latin America and the Caribbean, and 4 from the Arab States.

For more data visualizations, facts and statistics: use the "Explore Mode" and combine variables and filters to discover new stories in this UNESCO World Heritage database.

This year there were also 4 territorial extension to sites already inscribed in the World Heritage list.

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