Archaeological Monuments Zone of Xochicalco

UNESCO RegionEurope and North America
LocationMunicipalities of Temixco and Miacatlan, Morelos State
CoordinatesN18 48 37.008 W99 16 30
Inscription Date1999
Property (ha)708
Type of HeritageCultural
CriteriaTo bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared
CriteriaTo be an outstanding example of a type of building; architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates (a) significant stage(s) in human history
Unesco Reference Number939
State of Conservation Report
DescriptionXochicalco is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a fortified political, religious and commercial centre from the troubled period of 650–900 that followed the break-up of the great Mesoamerican states such as Teotihuacan, Monte Albán, Palenque and Tikal.
StatusWorld Heritage Site